Lee is a professional photographer based in Bristol, UK. His early work involved taking photos at scientific conferences around the world, where he established a reportage-style that he has favoured ever since. Over the past 20 years he has developed a breadth of experience with portraits, headshots, events, baby photoshoots, travel, animals, ultra-macro, and product photography. Lee is also a leading expert on astrophotography from light-polluted cities.​​​​​​​

Lee has been a featured photographer for Nikon Pro Magazine.
Lee is the official photographer for the Bristol Improv Theatre.
Lee is an official photographer for Bristol Cathedral.
Lee is Ricochet Gundog's official photographer.
Lee is an "Inspiration photographer" for Szeroki Kadr.
Lee is an official Photo Sensory photographer, covering Baby Sensory classes around Bristol and the South West. He uses a dedicated sales website for attendees to make purchases; ask your course leader for the gallery password.
The Bristol Evening Post have produced a feature on Lee's photography.
Lee runs the website Urban Astrophotography.
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